Tuolinkantajat ry is an alumni association, founded in 2016, for people who were significantly involved in the startup activities of Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, Startup Sauna, Startuplifers, Slush, Junction, and other startup community initiatives in Helsinki. It was created as a place for entrepreneurially minded people to come together to share ideas, build things and support each other.

As of now, the association has about 150 members, who include founders of Wolt, Smartly, Meru Health, Carbo Culture, Swarmia, Hello Ruby, Stray Robots, Ice Breaker, Fiksari, Blok and Linear, among many others.

TK Ventures is an initiative set up in 2021 by members of Tuolinkantajat ry to help build, start and finance very early stage startup companies in the Helsinki startup ecosystem.

Startup funding

We used to offer a standard 25k euro convertible note deal. Unfortunately, we have already deployed all the money allocated for this purpose. You can find all the companies we have supported here.

Useful resources

Here is a set of links that our community has curated, specifically for young companies. We hope you find them useful.

Past events

We organized some bite-sized webinars on topics that are especially interesting to people in the early stages of starting their companies.

Fill out this form to receive a link to recordings to past event presentations. These include: